Protection for your green fingers

Earth, gravel, water - all that can give your skin a very hard time. When you've finished gardening, an intensive course of treatment for your hands should certainly be the first thing on your agenda. It's well known, however, that taking precautions beforehand is better than repairing the damage afterwards - here we've got a very practical trick for you: simply cream your hands thoroughly with atrix® Professional Repair Cream before you start gardening. Since it soaks in deep and coats the skin like a protective film, dirt particles find it much more difficult to get lodged in your skin's pores. You'll get your hands clean again without much scrubbing. You can do your nails a favor as well. Drag them along a bar of soap! That will prevent dirt from gathering there and you can simply wash the soap out again when you have finished your gardening.

Hand & Nail Balsam

Strengthens damaged, fragile nails

Care Tips

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